The Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends for Men

Spring is finally here, and as the temperatures heat up, it’s time for your wardrobe to do the same.  It’s time to ditch the heavy fabrics and dark colors of winter for good.  The warmer months always bring about pastels, polos, chinos and lightweight tees.  But this year, there’s a few specific style moves you should make to stay ahead of the game.  The following 5 trends are mandatory to conquer both Spring and Summer in style.

1. Deeper V-Neck Sweaters



When you think of V-neck sweaters, you probably imagine a standard black pullover that you could find in any retailer or on any grandpa.  However, this season’s V-neck is angular and adventurous.  Think of these as capital V-necks.  The neckline on Tomas Maier’s two-tone wool sweater plunges deeper than any other designer has dared to go before.  And Lanvin has tossed in a little school spirit with the deep V on its distressed wool sweater.  This Spring, it’s clear that layering can be just as fun as any statement piece.

2. Outerwear with a Statement



Spring and summer weather can be unpredictable.  One moment, you could be soaking up the sun.  The next, you could be running for cover from a rain shower.  Light outerwear pieces like trench coats and macs are perfect for helping you cover up without melting.  But instead of the typical beige trench, go for something bolder this season.  Burberry’s Geometric Trench Coat offers a striking design with its mixture of shapes and sheen.  The crisp military detail and stitching are an added bonus while you shield yourself from raindrops with ease.

3. Get Striped

One of the best parts of building a Summer wardrobe is experimenting with patterns.  Light colors are acceptable, but why settle?  During London Collections: Men, almost every designer sent striped looks down the runway.  Whether they’re horizontal, vertical or even diagonal, it’s clear that every stylish man’s wardrobe should include stripes this season.  You can go for something avant garde like Lanvin’s angled navy striped short-sleeve woven shirt or something classic and nautical like Burberry’s striped polo.

4. Go Pink

For guys who prefer strong colors over crazy prints, the hue of the season is pink.  Not just any pink.  This year, the preferred pink is washed out and toned down.  If neon pink and stone had a baby, this would be the result.  Topman nails it in its latest collection by offering a sober shade of pink in basic t-shirts, premium tees and even hoodies.

5. Style Squared

All of Spring and Summer’s dapper gents know there’s one secret weapon necessary for pulling out a great seasonal suiting look: squares.  Throughout Men’s Fashion Weeks in every major fashion capitol (Paris, Florence, New York, London), there were subtle nods to the classic pattern.  Thom Browne’s stunning Windowpane Blazer is a highlight of the season as well as Banana Republic’s more accessible Madras Linen Blazer.  One way to make an elegant yet noticeable statement with your outfit is with simple geometric shapes.  For once, it’s cool to be a square.

If you’re looking for ways to impress this Spring and Summer, these 5 tips are guaranteed ways to make a splash.

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