Frequently Asked Questions

Share your #ootd with MirrorMirror

What is MirrorMirror?
MirrorMirror is a social comparison app, for iOS and Android, that lets you upload two pictures and allows your connections to vote on which they prefer. 

To create a new post, click the camera icon, upload your first picture, upload your second picture, then post.

Want to vote on other people’s posts? Click the heart icon, make your decision and vote. Once you’ve voted, you’ll see what % of voters agree.

Looking for inspiration? Use the search function to find great content and users to follow.

How much does MirrorMirror cost?

MirrorMirror is completely free and can be downloaded in the iTunes and Google Play.

How do I join MirrorMirror?   
Login with Facebook and you’re pretty much all set.

Why should I use MirrorMirror?
MirrorMirror makes getting feedback simpler and more definitive than ever. And people can’t say anything nasty in response.

How do I join MirrorMirror?
Login with Facebook or Google in several clicks and you're all set.

What devices can I use MirrorMirror on?
If you’ve got an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, then you can post from dusk till dawn. If you’ve got a device running Windows or another non-iOS / Android operating system, then you’ll have to wait for now. If enough people tell us they want it on an unsupported device, we’d be delighted to make it for you.

Can I share my MirrorMirror posts elsewhere?
Yes, of course you can. Once you’ve posted on MirrorMirror you can chose to share using a variety of popular methods. Just choose the ones you want.

How does privacy work?
If you set your profile to private your existing Facebook connections only can see your posts.

If your profile is public your pictures will be visible to others (through search, etc).

Who can see my photos?
If you have chosen to make your profile private, then only your followers will be able to view your photos.

What can’t I post?
Spam, nudity and any kind of abuse is a no-no. If you are found breaching these guidelines, you will be prevented from continued use of MirrorMirror.

What if I have a problem?
Drop us a message via our support section and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have an API I can use?
Not yet, but we hope to soon.

Who was responsible for building the app?
The app was developed by Amsterdam-based development company Moqod and lovingly designed by Digital Designer Hannah Swift.

Who can I contact if I have a great idea for MirrorMirror?
We’d love to hear any feedback or improvement you may have. Clearly we can’t make everyone happy, but feel free to drop us a line or two at